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Continental eNews may be a small website, but there is some pretty high tech things going on in this website to make it tick.  Among them are:

  1. Syndicated news feeds at the very top of the page that automatically pull in a variety of news articles (i.e. pro sports, college sports, Putnam County news, Ohio state news, national news, world news, travel news, farming news, etc.).  The news articles in this section of the site automatically update whenever new headlines pop up around the web.  So each time you come to Continental eNews to get the latest local news in Continental, Ohio, you can also get the latest news headlines about almost any other topic as well!  If you haven’t already done so, check out some of the news categories at the very top of the site – we think you’ll be impressed.
  2. A widgetized home page.  Our home page features an image slider, recent headlines and older news sections.  These sections on the site automatically update when a new news article is posted.  This keeps our most recent site-wide news articles at the top of the home page, giving visitors the ability to quickly glance through the most recent local news.
  3. Categorized local news. Given that our home page has the most recent site-wide news, irregardless of the topic, we felt it important to give visitors a way to look for news archives (older news articles that may have cycled off of the home page).  This is where our main navigation menu comes in.  Our main navigation bar breaks down local news into several categories including school, lifestyles, community, etc.  And if you hover your mouse over these main navigation menu buttons, a drop down menu of sub categories will be presented.  There you will be able to see news archives for a specific category starting from day one of our site’s inception.
  4. Local business directory.  This feature is still in development and should be made live very soon.
  5. Local Classified Ads.  This feature is also still in development, but will be a very low cost option for people to list classifieds specific to Continental.  This will save you and others from having to rely on the Lima or Findlay section of Craigslist.
  6. We built our very own adserver.  You might have noticed that we have advertisements in several sections of the site.  These advertisements will only show local ads and will always have clean content.  We can guarantee this because we have developed our own ad server to deliver advertising content to the site.  Pretty cool, right!?
  7. More features to come!  Continental eNews is in the very beginning stage of what we hope to be a long lasting staple in the community, helping to keep local information and news flowing.  To that end, we plan to develop more and more features for the site that will help us achieve our mission of keeping the information moving.  If you have any recommendations for new features, please contact with your ideas!  No ideas are too big or too small, and we will evaluate each idea that we receive.

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