From the Putnam County Engineer Highway Department….

​In an ongoing program to help improve traffic safety, the Putnam County Engineer Highway Department will install reflective metal strips to more traffic sign posts this year. The reflective strips help most during nighttime travelling so the sign is more visible to warn the driver of upcoming intersections and road hazards. The reflective strips will be added to regulatory signs such as stop signs and to warning signs such as stop ahead and curve signs.

According to the Putnam County Engineer, Michael Lenhart, the Engineer’s office received a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant last year through the County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO) for a Sign Upgrade program. That $2,400 grant was put towards a $3,000 project that allowed for the installation of 372 reflective strips throughout the county. Mr. Lenhart stated he has received another HSIP CEAO Sign Upgrade grant this year for $4,000 to be used on a $5,000 project to install an additional 699 strips. Before purchasing these additional strips, the Engineer explained the benefits of these reflective strips during a Township Trustee’s meeting and a Mayor’s meeting. Eleven Townships and eight Villages are participating in this project to install an additional 613 and 204 strips, respectively, for a combined total of 1516 strips at a total cost of over $11,000. The Putnam County Engineer recently received delivery of these strips and the participating Townships and Villages can begin picking up their orders this week. The Putnam County Engineer would like to thank those Townships and Villages that participated this year in a combined effort to improve traffic safety. It is the goal of the Engineer’s office to hopefully continue adding more strips throughout the county in future years.

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