Hoops Gains Support from Fellow Applicants for the 81st House District Seat

Barnhart, Lankenau, Meyer Encourage Republicans to Back Hoops:
NAPOLEON, OH – Following an announcement that the Ohio House of Representatives selected former legislator Jim Hoops to fill the vacant 81st House District, three fellow applicants acknowledged the process for appointment as fair and encouraged northwest Ohio Republicans to back Jim Hoops, the incumbent, in the May primary.

The former Mayor of Napoleon, Steve Lankenau resides in Hoops’ hometown and pointed to a fair process that allowed everyone a chance to present their qualifications.

“I appreciated the open doors from the people of the 81st House District and the many State Legislators that allowed me to discuss the needs of the district” Lankenau said. “There are many challenges ahead for our State and I know the process to select the next State Representative was fair, transparent and inclusive.”

Sharing the opinions of Lankenau about the process. Dr. Christopher Meyer acknowledged the attributes of Jim Hoops.

“Through a thorough and comprehensive process Jim Hoops has been selected. Given my background in the military and medicine I brought a different perspective to politics and appreciated the opportunity to discuss those ideas” Dr. Meyer said. “Hoops is a man of integrity and he will lend his ear to our concerns. I trust he will act in the interest of the district. I support him in his ongoing campaign and visions for the future.”

“Jim Hoops has lasting relationships throughout northwest Ohio and in Columbus for good reason, he is a kind man who shows genuine concern for the people of our State.” Justin Barnhart continued, “this was a fair process that examined the interest of the district, and sorted through hundreds of letters of support to find a candidate we could all get behind.”

Justin Barnhart, Steve Lankenau and Christopher Meyer are three of the four applicants unsuccessful in their bid to fill the vacated 81st House Seat. Upon the announcement of Jim Hoops as the eventual appointee, each have agreed to suspend their efforts and back Jim Hoops in the Republican Primary on May 8, 2018.

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